Heidelberg Materials UK Vehicles


Over the last two years we have added almost 200 new vehicles as part of our on-going commitment to developing a fleet of safe, sustainable vehicles.

Our Walking Floor aggregates and asphalt articulated vehicles allow for a more measured release of the load which is discharged by a series of sweeping rams which push the material out of the truck and into the asphalt paver or stock pile. All the traditional health and safety risks associated with tipping articulated trucks – high winds, uneven ground or overhead trees and cables – are eliminated and the trailers are perfect for sites in tunnels or underpasses. They also offer 40 per cent larger capacity than a standard 8 wheeled tipper, meaning fewer and more efficient road movements.

Our new fleet also includes the introduction of lightweight state of the art mixer trucks with innovative design features; for cyclist safety it has a glass insert in the passenger door as well as offside and nearside cycle scanners. It also includes a four-way camera system and a maxi hatch, providing safe man access to the mixer drum for cleaning and maintenance.

We are also trialling an articulated ready-mixed concrete truck which allows us to deliver up to one-and-a-half times the amount of concrete than a standard truck, meaning less vehicle movements and quicker completion of contracts.

Our latest initiative is the introduction of 40 new low entry cab ready-mixed concrete trucks in London, which have a panoramic glass cab and are fitted with 360° cameras. This, plus the lower driving position, significantly improves the driver’s all round visibility of cyclists and pedestrians and support the Direct Vision Standard.

Gold-standard operator

Heidelberg Materials UK’s entire fleet of company-owned vehicles has been recognised with the highest standard in the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), demonstrating that we operate to the highest level. FORS is a voluntary accreditation standard encompassing legal compliance, safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations. Gold accreditation is awarded to exceptional operators who have demonstrated that they meet the specific requirements covering management, vehicles, drivers and operations.

We are also a CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) champion and are leading the way to actively improve the safety of vulnerable road users like cyclists and pedestrians.