Onsite QR codes on Concrete trucks

Onsite QR Codes: 

We have created a QR code sticker that is attached on the drivers side of delivery trucks.

  • This sticker gives customers an Onsite lite (read only) version of our digital product
  • The QR code will only work if scanned at the plant, or at the customer’s site
  • The sticker is placed to the left of the door
  • The sticker is A5 size and there will be 6 different varieties

Benefits of the QR code to the customer:

Site personnel can scan the code to see:    

  • The material that is on the vehicle
  • Load details
  • Time stamps 
  • Rest of the order details 
  • Any other loads on the way or loading

Benefits of the QR code to us: 

  • Reduction in calls into the office
  • Increase in active users of Onsite
  • Help towards going paperless
  • Offering something different to our competitors
  • Increases awareness of our digital offering to our drivers
  • Reduces the difficult questioning to our drivers

Please help us to promote our QR codes to give more of our customers the opportunity to use our digital products! 

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